Company Overview

company overview

CM AIRLINES philosophy is based on the responsibility and commitment for our passengers.

For the last few years of operation as a National Airline we have provided our passengers with a high level of service, safety, punctuality and convenient schedules. Our airline offers a variety of exciting destinations such as San Pedro Sula Roatan, Utila, Puerto Lempira, Tegucigalpa and Guatemala.

CM AIRLINES has created a more modern image in association with the development of aviation tourism for Honduras and Central America.

The colors of CM Airlines fleet are striking gold and forest green. Our logo of the Esmeralda hummingbird represents a native bird to Honduras. This hummingbird does not appear in any other part of the world and is registered only in dry valleys in Atlantic Honduras.

The hummingbird best demonstrates the art of flying, with grace and speed.  This incorporates CM AIRLINES image of being a leader in the airline industry.

We maintain a commitment to our passengers using a slogan… SU TIEMPO VALE ORO (Your time is worth gold), referring to either if your trip is about time you spend with your family, leisure or work.

CM AIRLINES launched a frequent flyer program StarMiles. This will allow the passenger to carry a frequent flyer card wherever they go. This provides them with stars for each flight the passenger completes; eventually resulting in free travel. What sets StarMiles apart from the rest is the flexibility to be able to have a single account used by an individual, family, or business. Making it even easier to achieve free travel!

CM AIRLINES fleets are outfitted with the latest technology in air navigation, satellite systems and GPS.
Our pilots are recognized at an international level, which enables us to ensure that our flights will be safe and the passenger will have an excellent flying experience.

CM Airlines believes in making a difference and stands for the principles of value for your money, quality, innovation, convenience and a challenge to better the airline industry. We empower our employees and facilitate them with constant training in all aspects of our airline and the aviation industry. CM Airlines welcomes feedback to continually improve the customer service experience.

That is why we invite you to fly with CM AIRLINES!


Offer Air Transport Services and Freight to tourists, executives, companies and other organizations.


For 2016 become the first option in national flights offering the most destinies.

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